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Chinese Claypot Steamed Rice

Submitted by zyzyxxz on Mar 15, 2008, 7:26 PM

Claypot rice is very easy to make and the choice of toppings usually range from dried meats, salted fishes, vegetables, and so forth. The great thing about this dish is that you cannot really fudge up the rice too bad because the rice at the bottom will take all the heat if you overcook it but even then it becomes a crunchy treat that many people, including I, love to eat. Another good thing about this dish is that everything is steamed so the only oil comes from the meats and ingredients so it is easy on the stomach.

I did not have the all the typical toppings so I made my own.

Chinese Claypot Steamed Rice - recipe photo #1

[NOTE] A claypot is not required as I have done this in a glass pot and metal pot before but I believe a claypot is best and for the sake of old school-ness
-1 cup of rice
-1/4 lb ground pork
-1/2 a Chinese saussage (basically any dried Chinese meat works)
-1 and 1/2 tablespoons of black been, garlic sauce (if not available then I suppose use soy sauce and garlic, sorry the best alternative I can think of for those who dont have access to specialty asian stuff)
-bok choy (you can substitute with napa cabbage or almost any veges actually)
Soy sauce for flavoring rice
-optional: ginger for garnish

Chinese Claypot Steamed Rice - recipe photo #2

First wash the rice, I did it in the claypot to save the hassle.

Chinese Claypot Steamed Rice - recipe photo #3

After 5 washes it came out pretty clear for me

Chinese Claypot Steamed Rice - recipe photo #4

Set the stove to med-high

Chinese Claypot Steamed Rice - recipe photo #5

While the rice is cooking prepare the toppings. Slice the sausage and ground up the pork more then spread the black bean sauce over the pork and fold it into the meat. Try to keep the pork as thin as possible so it cooks faster.

Chinese Claypot Steamed Rice - recipe photo #6

spread the black bean sauce over the ground pork and fold it over, add a splash of soysauce

Chinese Claypot Steamed Rice - recipe photo #7

Now while you are preparing the toppings keep and eye on the rice, you will notice it will start boiling and water may even start seeping out, do not worry and try not to open it too much. Once the boiling stops check on the rice, once most of the liquid is gone you can put the meat in. I turned the stove down to medium at this point.

Chinese Claypot Steamed Rice - recipe photo #8


Afterwards wait about 4-5 miuntes and the pork should be almost done and that is when you add the bok choy, just throw it on top and set the stove to low. At this point I also decided to garnish the pork with a little bit of ginger and added a little bit more black bean sauce because I wanted a stronger taste. After 2-3 mins the bok choy should be done, if it is soft then its good to go. Check the meat to make sure it is still not red inside but if you kept the ground pork thin then it should have cooked fast.

Turn off the stove set the pot aside and let it cool down, add soy sauce if desired.

Chinese Claypot Steamed Rice - recipe photo #9

I recommend it and allow everything to steam inside while waiting for the pot to cooldown. End result should be similar to this, as I said you cannot really fudge this up unless you timing is really bad. So there it is enjoy, there are many variations of this so experiment with things that are not even Asian related and see how it goes.

Comments (2)
lpollsnoop Apr 16, 2008, 4:32 AM
I've been cooking using this style for years - I use a small 'sand' pot and will put marinated chopped
chicken - sausage and some vegetables - greens/carrots/frozen peas etc.
My style is a bit different - I wait for most of the water to disappear - place all of the meat and
vegetables in and push the meat down into the rice - then I cover the pot and let it cook for
20 min or so.
Great method - one pot for all and the rice gets flavored by the other ingredients.

gibsy Jul 2, 2008, 10:17 PM
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