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Jajang Myeon

Submitted by noircat on Jan 10, 2009, 8:01 PM

So I've made Jajang Myeon for the very first time:

"A popular Korean dish consisting of wheat noodles topped with a thick sauce made of black bean paste." (1|2)

Jajang Myeon - recipe photo #1


100 G pork (3.5 oz, diced)
180 G wheat noodles (6.3 oz)
1 X onion (diced)
1 X chili pepper (minced)
1 X potatoes (diced)
1 X carrot (diced)
1 X small zucchini (diced)
2 X garlic clove (mashed)
1/2 CUP cabbage (red, diced)
2-3 TBSP cucumber (sliced into matchsticks)
2-3 TBSP jajang paste
2-3 TBSP veg oil
1 TBSP starch
4-8 TBSP water or stock
1 TSP salt (to taste)
1 TSP sugar (to taste)

Jajang Myeon - recipe photo #2

the black-bean-based jajang paste on the left and the myun (noodles) on the right,

Jajang Myeon - recipe photo #3

saute the diced onion and chile, then add the pork and stir-fry at medium to high heat

Jajang Myeon - recipe photo #4

add the diced carrot and potato when the pork starts to brown, continue to stir-fry

Jajang Myeon - recipe photo #5

bring water to boil, add some salt and noodles to it, set timer to recommended cooking time

Jajang Myeon - recipe photo #6

add cabbage to pan, continue to stir-fry for a moment

Jajang Myeon - recipe photo #7

park veggies and pork in a bowl, lower heat, saute garlic and jajang in 2-3 tablespoons oil

Jajang Myeon - recipe photo #8

rinse off the noodles with cold water when they are done and transfer them to the serving bowl

Jajang Myeon - recipe photo #9

add pork/veggies back to the sauted jajang, stir well, mix starch and water/stock and thicken the sauce with it, season to taste with salt and sugar

Jajang Myeon - recipe photo #10

serve the hot black bean sauce on top of the noodles and garnish with cucumber

Jajang Myeon - recipe photo #11

mix sauce and noodles before shovel time, watch your cloth ;)

it's also authentic to eat the sauce on rice, but then it's jajang bap (bap=rice)


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